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Copper Mountain Institute is founded upon the guiding principles of caring, insight and community service as inspired and informed by the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism and particularly, the Longchen Nyingthig path of the Nyingma (Ancient) School. As a center for learning and study, we host visiting Buddhist teachers, hold weekly classes and are committed to sharing the healing wisdom of these revered teachings both worldwide and, in our local community.


Copper Mountain Institute 

The institute rests on xxx acres (Carol - how many acres?) in Corrales, New Mexico nestled along the Rio Grande River.  We offer meditation instruction and programs based on the traditional meditative/contemplative tradition of  the Longchen Nyingthig lineage of Tibetan/Himalayan Buddhism. The main temple includes a meditation hall, contemplative garden and a 4000-volume library to further the study and practice of Buddhism. CMI’s resident teachers Lama Carol Hoy and, David Boaz offer weekly guided meditation instruction and classes for both its students and the public. 

Additionally, CMI runs the Mindfulness Prison Project. This program offers meditation and wellness-techniques as a way to assist both Staff and Inmates with stress and trauma related issues. These ongoing courses are offered in the correctional setting to both general and PAC (Psychiatric Acute Care) staff, as well as General Population inmates. The courses are geared towards managing and correcting intensified emotional states, while serving to also help identify and heal trauma related wounds as a means to helping inmates feel a restored sense of self-being as they continue their path in the correctional facility and as a means towards a healthy integration upon release.

We are supported solely by our fundraising activities, and the generosity of our donors. 

Donations are tax exempt.

Copper Mountain Institute is a 501(c)(3) tax exempt New Mexico corporation, and a registered New Mexico charity.

We help provide financial support for cultural and humanitarian activities for Asian Buddhist people 

in need of food, clothing, drinking water, shoes, medical care, education and other life essentials. 

Copper Mountain Institute

286 Ranchitos Rd., Corrales, New Mexico · (505) 898-9592

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